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Pellet burners GP I-st generation

Пелетна горелка GP 20TUV СертификатЗлатен Медал 2003Златен медал 2011
The pellet burners series GP are designed for combustion of wood pellets (Ø 6-8 mm ) and can be installed on variaty of hot water heating boilers. High efficiency is due to precision regulation of the combustion process. Operating parameters can be easily adjusted by the user.
-   Possibility for changing the "fuel" type in already existing installations;
-   Microprocessor control;
-   Automatic ignition;
-   Adjustable wide range of the output power;

GP20 pellet burner is avaible in limited quantities and with special purchase preferences.

 Technical data

 Instruction for installation and operation

 Certificate EMC

 Certificate LVD


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Mickus / 06.07.2018

Hi, I am interested in a conversion kit for U22 (if I'm not mistaken 7-section one). Where could I order these? What are the prices? I would like to perform conversion myself and wondered if there is possibility to get the u22 bottom door separately to be able to convert back if needed. I am based in Lithuania. Many Thanks,

/ 09.07.2018

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your message.

Our company operates in EU market through distribution network. At the moment we have not our dealer in Lithuania. But we are successfully distributed our biomass heating products in Latvia for years.
I am kindly suggesting you to contact with our representatives in Latvia:

 1.     Sia FAN - Latvia

Ventspils ielā 15,Rīga LV1002, Latvija
Tālrunis: 67615034
Fakss: 67615737

 2.       Sia Commodus - Latvia

Adrese: Rīga, Jelgavas iela 42, LV-1004
Tālrunis: 27088108
Darba laiks: P. O. T. C. P. 9-18

Lielā iela 21-4,
Saldus, Saldus nov., LV-3801
Tālrunis: 27088108

These companies could offer you conversion kit for solid fuel boiler Viadrus U22. Our professional distributors are well motivated and trained and they will solve your problem.

 Sincerely Yours,

Ekoterm Proekt Team

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