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Ecotherm Project Successfully Presented the GreenEcoTherm Trademark at an Exhibition in Italy
Ecotherm Project participated for the second time to the international exhibition for the production of heating equipment and systems utilizing hard wood biomass and biofuel production “Progetto...
Ekoterm Proekt EAD on Stroiko 2000
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD takes part in STROIKO 2000, the largest specialized trade fair for architecture, construction and furnishing in Bulgaria, established in 1993. In the exhibition take parts leading...
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD participated in the International Fair Plovdiv
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD successfully participated at the International Technical Fair from 09.09.2014 till 04.10.2014 in Plovdiv. The 70th anniversary edition of the Fair is the most popular business forum...

Wood pelet boiler MARIO + GP III generation

Pelletherm V.4Option - BUNKERWood pelet boiler MARIO + GP III generationGold Medal 2011TUV Сертификат

The hot water boilers of series MARIO are designed for heating in small domestic and company buildings, as well as heating domestic hot water. The utilized fuel is: wood pellets of diameter 6mm up to 8mm, as well as dried cherry nuts.

- standard equipment kit - automatic pellet burner of series GP, allowing automatic and optimal combustion process, fuel transport auger, a kit for ash cleaning purposes or metal wood pellets hopper – option.
- compact and simplified steel plate design, which allows dynamic operation, easy installation and maintenance;
- compact control module, interface panel and backside installed connectors;
- easy adjustment of the thermal capacity of the system in wide operating range;
- option to operate with room thermostat (weekly programmable unit);
- attractive price and low running costs;
- high reliability and effectiveness;
- low pollutant gases emissions;
- integrated safety systems;
- low noise operation;
- covers the most stringent requirements of European standards for such type of boilers;
- the boilers are produced in two versions - for left side and for a right side installation of the pellet burner.

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