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Ecotherm Project Successfully Presented the GreenEcoTherm Trademark at an Exhibition in Italy
Ecotherm Project participated for the second time to the international exhibition for the production of heating equipment and systems utilizing hard wood biomass and biofuel production “Progetto...
Ekoterm Proekt EAD on Stroiko 2000
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD takes part in STROIKO 2000, the largest specialized trade fair for architecture, construction and furnishing in Bulgaria, established in 1993. In the exhibition take parts leading...
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD participated in the International Fair Plovdiv
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD successfully participated at the International Technical Fair from 09.09.2014 till 04.10.2014 in Plovdiv. The 70th anniversary edition of the Fair is the most popular business forum...

Wood gasification boiler 3Fera

Комбиниран пиролизен котел 3Fera3Fera с горивоподаващ шнекГорива изгаряни в котел 3FeraTUV Сертификат

3Fera is combined wood gasification hot water boiler for heating and/or providing of domestic hot water for one family houses, business offices, commercial buildings etc.

The reliable steel construction of the boiler is specifically designed for utilization of dry wood logs (with humidity up to 20%) and other kind of reserve fuel (wood pellets or dry calibrated wood chips) by gasification of the fuel at maximum efficiency, economical operation and easy maintenance. Manual initial ignition and automatic switching to reserve fuel which provides comfort commensurate with that from heating on electricity, petrol or gas.

Option - fuel transport auger for dry calibrated wood chips (P20, EN 14961-2; humidity up to 10%) and wood pellets Ø 6-8 mm, suitable for all capacities.

-Easy operation due to the wide door and possibility for utilization of wood logs with diameter up to 20 cm, maximum length of 50 cm and humidity up to 20%.
-Combustion chamber equipped with high-quality ceramic, ensuring maximum good combustion process.
-Cleaning mechanism of the heat exchange tubes which provides stable efficiency.
-The thermal valve for automatic adjustment of the combustion air flow rate ensures maximum utilization and fuel economy of the boiler.
-Reliability and safety during operation due to the stainless safety coil and the executed standards according EN303-5
-Possibility for adjusting of the thermal capacity within a wide range.
-The boiler is factory equipped with a flue fan.
-Possibility for monitoring of the processes in the combustion chamber through observation glasses on the doors.
-Element base from renowned European manufacturers.
-Adding of thermostatic mixing group LADDOMAT makes the life of the facility longer and achieves fuel economy (up to 20%).

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