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Ecotherm Project Successfully Presented the GreenEcoTherm Trademark at an Exhibition in Italy
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Ekoterm Proekt EAD on Stroiko 2000
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD takes part in STROIKO 2000, the largest specialized trade fair for architecture, construction and furnishing in Bulgaria, established in 1993. In the exhibition take parts leading...
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD participated in the International Fair Plovdiv
EKOTERM PROEKT EAD successfully participated at the International Technical Fair from 09.09.2014 till 04.10.2014 in Plovdiv. The 70th anniversary edition of the Fair is the most popular business forum...

Rotary pellet burners GP xx R tsc M03

Ротационна тубусна пелетна горелка GP xx R tsc M03Табло за управление

GreenEcoTherm GP xx R tsc rotary tube pellet burner with self-cleaning

The modulating tube pellet burner with fully mechanical self-cleaning series „GreenEcoTherm GP xx R tsc” is designed for installation to hot water boilers. The burner utilizes wood pellets, as the generated heat energy is adopted by the boiler body's heat exchanger surfaces, to which it is mounted.

          Fully automated mechanical self-cleaning of the burner combustion chamber.
          Easy settings of the heat output in a wide range. Simplified commissioning - plug & play.

          Special measures for reliability increasing and safety of equipment.
          The combustion chamber is made of a special heat resistant steel, guaranteeing a long operating life.

          Possibility to connect internet module which enables boiler operation remote control via Internet.

    -    Innovative rotary combustion chamber - stable efficiency and low emissions with minimal user intervention;
    -    A system for mixing fuel into the combustion chamber, which increases the cleaning of the ash, improves the combustion process and relieves servicing;
    -    Ability to burn wood pellets with a diameter of 6-8mm;
    -    Completely compatible with automatic control of a wide range of solid fuel boilers;
    -    Precise modulation of heat output;
    -    The components of the burner are manufactured by well known and proved European companies from Germany, United Kingdom and others. Modern and multifunctional control module. High quality ignition element manufactured in Japan, that ensures over 37 000 ignitions;
    -    Regulator offers possibility to manual start of working equipment such as pump, feeder motor or fan. This feature enables checking whether the given equipment is fault-free and properly connected;
    -    Indication of the hot water temperature in the boiler;
    -    Photosensor for accurately detection and monitoring of the flame intensity;
    -    Possibility to save the current settings and to reset to factory default settings;
    -    Automatic start after voltage drop - preserving last settings;
    -    Password protected access levels - for the service technician and manufacturer;
    -    Ability to operate with a room thermostat;
    -    Ability to control domestic hot water pump;
    -    Ability to control boiler pump;
    -    Possibility to control exhaust gas fan, which eliminates the problem with the draught into the chimney and guaranties the safety operation of the product;
    -    Easier and faster service diagnostics, thanks to the function “Alarms”;
    -    Special measures to increase the reliability and safety of the burner;
    -    A flexible pipe is made of a special plastic material to connect the burner to the auger which melts when there is a danger of back fire and do not supply fuel to the burner - in this case, the fuel is discharged outside from the danger zone;
    -    The standard equipment includes fuel transport auger for pellets;
    -    Possibility for adding additional modules for controlling mixing valves (an option);
    -    Possibility for adding internet module which allows monitoring and control over the burner (an option).

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